Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First day of school...

The boys started preschool this week...yea!  Although I have missed them the last two days... 

Hutson is in a PreK program 4.5 days and Wheeler is in a 3's class 2.5 days a week.  I'm not sure what I am going to do with my time now... I'm sure I can think of something.

Wheeler and I will be rockin' it 2 days a week by ourselves, it was weird, and oddly quiet.  A couple of things I noticed...
1. I am extremely glad we have 2 boys close together- they totally entertain each other.  While they fight sometimes... okay a lot of the time... they also play together quite a bit too.
2. My house is oddly quiet.  For those of you that have been around our family- you know we are loud.  It was so quiet today that we turned the radio on, which normally is way too much added noise for us.
3. I am going to have to get creative with activities for Wheeler to do to keep him occupied, stay tuned for craft posts.
4. Pick up time for Hut, is right in the middle of Wheeler's nap- our schedule is going to have to change a lot.  Not so great.
5. Wheeler likes to help with EVERYTHING, he wants to make his own PB/honey sammy, which he is pretty good at.  He wants to help with dishes, and help with laundry, he is a pro at watering flowers and getting the mail.  I have a little shadow.  I am going to have to teach him how to hold a paint brush because we have a few rooms that need to be painted...

First day of school pictures

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Oregon State Fair

We are back to our regularly scheduled programming.

A picture heavy post...  While in Oregon for the past couple of weeks we made a quick stop to the Oregon State Fair.  I was a little nervous because I was thinking of how big and busy the fair was going to be, I was thinking of the Texas fair... it so wasn't anything like that.  It was low-key, it was like a big carnival complete with carnie-like people.

It was a great family day...