Monday, March 18, 2013


Loving us some spring and spring break....  lazy days playing outside, leaving the doors open, napping on the couch, and watching blooms open up...

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Top Golf for Hutson

For Hutson's actual birthday, not his party, we went to Top Golf and hit golf balls into the targets.  Grammy and Papa were there and Alex, Tiff and Evee joined us as well.  The boys have shown a real interest in playing golf, but maybe it is just because they like to hit things.  

I can't believe my Little Man is 5 years old.  We weighed him the morning he turned 5, he hit 50.5 lbs.  He was so excited to see the 5's on the scale.  He said "see mama- I am a big kid now"... yes, yes you are.  

We talked about the day he was born and the crazy snowstorm we had on that day that we drove through to get to the hospital at 2am.  In Texas it is a bit odd to have snow in March. 

We talked about all the people that were at the hospital waiting for him to arrive and all the people that came to visit him after he was born.

We talked about that both daddy and GrAndi managed to run out for haircuts while I was in labor- that is how long it took for him to make his entrance.  

We talked about that he didn't come home to this house we live in now, we lived in a rent house, and then at the ranch while this house was being built.  

I showed him how little he was and that he used to sleep on mommy's chest all night.

We both laughed that his first word was 'cookie', he thought that was pretty funny.

We talked about that he will be in big boy school next year, and will be gone all day.  (they have full day kindergarten here in texas, 7:50am to 2:50pm)  

We discussed what it means to be the oldest kid, he needs to lead by example and be a nice and kind older brother and to help his little brother when he needs help.

I always thought those parents crying on the first day of kindergarten were a bit ridiculous... but I get it now.  Will I cry in public while dropping him off...?  um, no.  I will not let myself do that... might I shed a tear when I get home from dropping him off?  probably.  He is no longer a baby, or a toddler, and he is leaving the preschool stage behind quickly as well.  He is becoming more and more independent, and grown-up and I am not sure I am fully ready for that.... and more than likely I won't ever be.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

family picture...

taken at Hut's 5th birthday party this last weekend...  I can't believe my Little man turns 5 on thursday!  Yikes!

bath time fun...