Thursday, March 29, 2012


 my new kitchen toy... LOVE it.  We eat pancakes all the time and Hut always wants to help make them, so... all you do is put all the ingredients in the pen and shake, then 'draw' in the pan.  We made lots of letters, numbers, and shapes- the kids had a blast with it.  Got it here.
 Loving my flowers left over from Hut's party 2 1/2 weeks ago!
 oh and crayons... I love crayons.  I love to put them in color order, and then find myself upset with the boys that they don't put them back in the exact same spot.  argh.  so we have a crayon bucket as well.

thursday threads

My littlest guy, Wheeler, struttin' his stuff...
Shirt- Crewcuts
tshirt- BabyGap
Cords- The Children's place
Boots- Old West

Sunglasses- GapKids

Happy Thursday!  We have a play date this morning and then tonight mama is off to see the Hunger Games and I am SO EXCITED!  I am ditching the JerBear and have a date with an old friend who will be just as excited as me, whew.  I LOVED the books.  If you haven't read them, do it, like now.  You will breeze through them in no time.  I am sure after seeing the movie I will have to read all three again just so I can compare and figure out if they left anything out.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


This little girl is so sweet.  I love her big blue eyes...  More photos of Miss Brynlee here.

Friday, March 23, 2012


I would by no means call myself a fashionista... those who know me can attest to this.  I probably spend about 75% of my time in workout clothes, with my hair pulled in a pony tail and I am usually wearing a baseball hat.  However, I do enjoy clothes, looking at them, putting together outfits, and of course shopping.  I probably know the contents of all of my friends and families closets better than themselves.  So when I was pregnant with Hutson, when we first found out it was going to be a boy, I was of course ecstatic, but everyone kept asking me if I was bummed because I wouldn't be able to buy any little girl clothes... um no.  I wasn't bummed.  Frankly, Disney princesses and pink and glitter make me want to vomit.  I LOVE dressing the Little Men.  It drives me crazy when people say that there isn't any cute boy clothes out there... there are plenty, more than plenty.

The Jerbear and I frequently get asked where we buy the Little Men's clothes.  We have a few favorite go-to spots where we can always find something for them, and then we hit up some hit or miss places as well.  Hutson is lucky he is the oldest, his clothes are usually all new.  Wheeler gets the hand-me-downs.  I generally don't mind spending a little bit more money on Hut's clothes because I know they are gonna get a good amount of wear and tear on them between the two boys and I want them to hold up.  The only thing Wheeler gets new on a regular basis is shoes, poor guy has a super wide foot and can't wear any of Hut's shoes.

I am gonna try this out... if the boys cooperate.  We are going to try to do a couple of posts a month on boys clothes and shoes.  Yesterday I was able to get Hut to stand still for a few minutes so I could take some pictures of his outfit.
 We always try to layer clothes around here because it will be 50 in the morning and by afternoon it is 80 degrees.  By summer it will just be our shorts and tees, or just our swim trunks.

1. hand-me-down denim pearl snap from BabyGAP
2. 2-in-1 long sleeve t-shirt from PEEK
3. straight leg brown cords from CrewCuts Outlet
4. Navy Chucks from Converse

Hut doesn't like having his picture taken so it will be interesting to see how these posts happen.  We are supposed to be having some great weather this weekend so we are going to try to enjoy it...

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

puddles, mud, rocks, and worms

 Roosevelt loves to come on our walks... He always trails just a little behind the boys.  It's like he is their security guard.  Yeah- our cat thinks he is a dog.
 We didn't walk on the road today... we walked through all the puddles in the ditches.
 throwing rocks, sticks and pretty much anything we could find...
 Wheeler was picking up rocks for mama to throw... what a sweet boy.
 I tried to get some pictures of the two of them together... They don't always cooperate.
 Splashing through puddles...
 Wheeler's boots were a little short for the deep puddles.  He could only squish along so far before we had to stop and empty them out.
  We found this field of wildflowers, well they were probably weeds and I just don't know the difference.  But either way we were up for playing in them.  Maybe we will go back this week in some decent clothes and do a little spring shoot.
 my gangster.
 Most of the puddles we played in were clear water, except of course the ones in our front yard.

for GrAndi...

a one finger shooter...

Just a peek...

 Just a peek at what we have been up to today...

Monday, March 19, 2012

easy riders

Grammy and Papa Jerry were generous enough to gift Hutson with TWO big wheels and TWO helmets for his fourth birthday... The boys couldn't be happier with their new rides.  They run them all the way to the top of the driveway and then coast down past the gate and all the way through the planters to the back gate.  I took video, one of these days I will get it posted to the blog.

The big birthday post is coming.  I can't believe my little man is four.  FOUR.  His party was awesome.  Thank you to everyone who joined us, and helped celebrate his big day.

Monday, March 5, 2012

First Broken Bone

Three days before his fourth birthday... his first broken bone.  He has a bubble fracture in his wrist, we just barely missed the growth plate so we got lucky.  Little man has been a champ and is sporting a new blue cast for the next four weeks.

He was playing at the park and he flipped out over the edge of a slide.  It's funny because my heart has always beat a little faster when they play on the twisty slides that aren't tunnels... you know the ones that are just a little too shallow, the edges just aren't quite high enough for me.  Well he flipped over the side of one and broke his landing with his face and wrist.  I wasn't there- which was ok because I probably would have had a heart attack at the thought of watching my kid fall like that.  Thank goodness for wood chips.  His face has some bruising and a few scratches but nothing serious.  When he got home, we just thought his wrist was sprained and gave him some ice and tylenol and put him to bed early.  He seemed fine before school this morning and I sent him on his way with a note to his teacher to call me if things didn't seem normal with him, and explained the situation.  She called by 11am, saying he just wasn't himself and he refused to use the potty because he couldn't get his pants down because his wrist hurt... mom of the year award right here.  Jer and I immediately picked him up and took him to the Pediatrician who referred us to a Pediatric Orthopedic.  He had an xray and was promptly cast up in about 30 min.  He was a little wary of the cast, but we wanted to thank GrAndi for having a broken wrist a few months ago because he knew exactly what to do, and what it would look like.

Here is our brave little guy getting his cast 2 days before his fourth birthday...

Here is what Wheeler was doing while we were at the Dr.  Hanging out with Jacky and her girls eating ice cream...

These were taken last week when Wheeler refused to take a nap, but just wanted to snuggle with mommy in her bed.